Heaven on Earth !

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All I really hope for is that people from all over the world can see Pakistan for what it truly is, not what the media or the propaganda shows us to be.

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She likes to caption

perfectly poised pictures

with prose

of philosophical perfection

She considers herself art

A fragmented,

forbidden attraction!

In fact

she’s just a mirage

a refraction of perception

materialistic shallowness

cloaked  in lyrical dervishness !





The serenity my soul

once possessed,

blows away

like fragile auburn leaves

on a crispy Autumn morn !

For the tree of my “self”

is bared with life’s gusts!

Exposing stark naked

the branches of my personality,

For the white mantle of snow !

For it is said

“Winter is the spring of genius “

Daamun chupa kar jo tum nikley ho

iss dil pey vaar karkey !

(After delivering a blow to my heart you have

ran my love, covering your frame/bodice/lap!)

Aye they tum aye Saqi,

Wasl ki aas dey key !

(With a promise /incitement of union

you came to me Oh Cup Bearer! )

Khambakht they hum

key bhool gey Hussain!

(And Lo how cursed you are !

that you forgot Hussain!)

Ye siraf qabz kar tey hey roohon ko

ganeeh zulfo ka chaoon dey key !

(They only reap the souls of  poor men

with the shadow of their lush black hair )

Rituals and obligations

that is what is ingrained

the soul is left to wander

its atonement the biggest worry

but the medium mundane

for we believe in acts of worship

in ceremonies and protocols

but have we forgotten ?

God  may absolve  His rights ,

 but unforgivable are the rights of Adam’s brood ! !


i search for silence

I search for serenity in hidden glades and fins!

I search for the  peace , for the solitude

that poured in me from the cup of my beloved’s flesh !


I found myself , under the canopy of her raven hair


I became “One”  from the  intoxication of her fragrant soul !

Now I roam,

the ends of the earths

a hermit of love

a drunkard of my lovers soul !




Masjid E Nabawi

Under the shadow of the Emerald Dome

engrossed by the fumes of Heaven on Earth

time stands still out of respect!


just beyond the blessed Golden Grills

lies the reason for “Creation”  itself

God’s Beloved  Mercy to every universe !

And kindled

from the mercy of his gaze

a fire blazing burns away

every desire,  every ungodly mistake


one can only be awed by

the blaze of his exalted  presence

and send blessings to his blessed mausoleum


we are embodiment’s

of ever erring men

your most humblest

servants’s servant!