Martyrs !

Ye jo shamain jalatay hoye

phool rakhtey hoye

(Lighting candles,Laying down flowers)

Nikley hey

ashqo key saylaab

Mitaney chalay hey ye

farishto key khoon key daagh!

(floods of tears escape,

and wash away

the blood stains of Angles )

Inki lehro mey doob jaingey ye

Khaiwaniyat key Pair-o- Kaar

(And drown these barbarians

in the midst of their storm )

Aur laut aigi

Pakeezgi ki bahar

iss chaman mey

jub miljaiga dushman ka lahoo

iss Madre Watan mey !

(And thus when the blood of our enemies

mixes with the  motherland

A new , pure spring shall come forth

breathing life back in Eden once more  )


Sometimes its just a scent,

a slight fragrance

carried by the breeze


the warmth of the first rays of dawn ,

peeking behind a blanket of clouds

triggering primal feelings

deep, strong feelings

of awakening

of fire

unquenchable yet momentary

And in that moment

one reminisces about the beloved

and feels alive !!

Selene in red ! Credits :-Google Images

She rules the sky tonight

shroud in a ruby bodice

emanating an eerie crimson glow

like lovers


in each others afterglow

Or perhaps

 like a mirror

she reflects

the battered faces

of our earthly matters

Blood we spilled in vain

replicated in heaven

But I feel,

No ! rather hold sacred

that she

mystically allures

 ascetics & dervishes

armchair poets & drunkard lovers


they all are searching

to drown their “Self”

in Universe’s oceans!

NASA’s link to watch it live :-

Credit:-Google Images.

Perhaps I wish to hear

for all eternity

the whispers, the rustles of your hair !

Perhaps I wish to smell

in this world and the next

the fragrance,

the sweet effervescence of your sweat

But perhaps I had just


the mead from your

red lips,

the ecstasy in my “dhamal”

that they

inspired !

dhamaal:- subcontinent version of sufi whirling , fusion of bhangra and sufi whirling !


Smell of our soil ! – Credits Google




Rain, the tears of heaven

causing the sweet fumes of

my beautiful motherland to


& waft

into the consciousness

of my mind



It carries to me

the subtle taste

of blood of Martyrs

It leaves with me

the after taste of

labourer’s sweat



but its corrupted !

Its pureness adulterated

by the powers that be

or are to be !

A poisoned metallic gustation

that mirrors the soul of the populace !









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Credits:-Artist Laura Sava


As my “self” resurrects 

the drunken stupor fading away

my head bursts,

overwhelmed by a million different emotions



to Anger

to Heartbreak & Depression


like a drug addict chasing a hit

or like a


yearning to kiss


I look at my only remedy


As my eyes gaze

at her captured allure

’tis just a ghost of her enchantment

but still potent

for us paupers of amour


For the auburn 

gleam of her eyes

the glistening ruby of her lips,

the bronze of her skin,diaphanous in muslin

guides my soul back to the phantasms of her being !